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This site is dedicated to showcasing the hundreds of Shows held throughout Australia each year, and encouraging visitors to these interesting regional areas.

The Site is also a powerful information and organisational tool for local residents who organise and attend these Shows.
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What is this Site about?

There are two main things about this site:-

1. Shows Directory

This site is first and foremost, a public directory of Shows held throughout Australia. This directory is, and always will be a free service. 

Shows are listed by request, but once listed - it is the responsibility of the show organiser to maintain all of their information like contact details and show dates. This is done using the email address and password that is supplied after the show is listed.

If a Show has its own web site, show organisers can include this web address in the directory (again - for no cost), and visitors will be able to link to this site.

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In addition to the Shows directory, we also provide a free listing service for Show Suppliers and Exhibitors, who can enter in their own details if they would like to be listed in these directories.

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2. Collection of Show Web Sites

Most Shows do not have their own web site (outside of CountryShows.com.au), and so we have created the ability for show organisers to develop their own web site within CountryShows.com.au.
Show organiser's who would like their own web site on CountryShows.com.au just need to start uploading content. This is a totally free service.

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