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This site is dedicated to showcasing the hundreds of Shows held throughout Australia each year, and encouraging visitors to these interesting regional areas.

The Site is also a powerful information and organisational tool for local residents who organise and attend these Shows.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Why does my Show have it's own web address?

Your Show has it's own web address so that regular visitors don't need to perform a search everytime they want to visit your site. We expect that show organiser's and members of the local community will be frequently visiting your site.

Another reason for having a specific Show web address is to allow you to easily advertise your Show. 


Q2. What should I choose for my Show's web address?

Example 1:

Let's say your show is called "The Bloggsville Annual Agricultural Show".
We choose a part of the show name which uniquely identifies the show. In this case we would choose "bloggsville" because there are unlikley to be any other shows containing the word "bloggsville". On the other hand we wouldn't choose any of the other words - "the", "annual", "agricultural", or "show".
So the show's web address would be "bloggsville.countryshows.com.au".

Note that you can easily shorten the web address that we suggest to you in your Shows' details, or from the printed correspondence that you might receive from us.

Example 2:

Your show is called "Gladesville and District Horticultural Show". Based on a very simple method, we may have suggested "gladesvilleanddistricthorticultural.countryshows.com.au". You can easily change this to "gladesvillehorticultural.countryshows.com.au", or even "gladesville.countryshows.com.au". If there is more than one show in Gladesville (or a Gladesvile in another state), visitors will be provided with each of these shows to select from.


Q3. What does it mean when I have a "...@countryshows.com.au" email address?

If we have supplied you with an email address in the form of "username@countryshows.com.au", this is because we have no record of an actual email address. All "...@countryshows.com.au" email addresses are just temporary placeholders that allow you to log-in with your password, until you can setup your "real" email address.


Q4. How do I obtain an email address?

There are many providers of free email addresses. The most recent provider is the highly successfull Google. To setup your free email address with google, just follow these steps:
  1. navigate to http://gmail.google.com.
  2. click on the link which says "Sign up for Gmail".
  3. follow the steps to setup your own free email address with Google.

Another free provider is Microsoft, using their "hotmail". To setup your free email address with hotmail, just follow these steps:

  1. navigate to http://hotmail.com.
  2. click on the link which says "Sign Up".
  3. follow the steps to setup your own free email address with Hotmail

In addition to the services like Google and Hotmail who provide free email addresses, it is very likely that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will also provide you with an email address as part of your Internet subscription. Although, one advantage of using a separate provider like Google or Hotmail is that you can keep this address indefinitely. This means that you can easily change your ISP without affecting your email address.

The final step after establishing your email address is to update "CountryShows.com.au" with your new email address. See the following FAQ to do this.



Q5. How do I update "CountryShows.com.au" with my new email address?

To change your email address with "CountryShows.com.au", follow these steps:
  1. navigate to http://countryshows.com.au (you are there already if you are reading this FAQ on-line).
  2. towards the top-right of the page, enter your existing email address and password - then click the "Log In" button.
  3. on the menu (left of page), click the "Your Details" button. Your account details will be displayed.
  4. towards the bottom-left of the page, click the "Edit" button.
  5. change your email address.
  6. click the "Update" button.
  7. your email address has now been changed.


Q6. Who can enter or change my Show's Dates?

Currently, yourself and your parent organisation, as well as 'CountryShows.com.au' are able to add Show Dates.

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